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Friday, October 09, 2015
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A Morning Devotion


A Morning Devotion
From Bro. Bob
Ruth 3:10-13
Present Yourself To Your Redeemer

Dear Family of God;

As you read Ruth 3 in its entirety I hope you have a bit of a problem with this, especially putting this into a modern scenario.  For one to truly appreciate this chapter you must place it in the time frame and the way it the Law was instructed at this time.

I enjoyed the study of Ruth in our Bible Study this last week and especially in our Sunday Morning Bible Study.  I had to admit that as Barb and I shared I saw two somewhat differing interpretations.  From my view and I heard it a bit from other men teachers and a few of our women teachers, that Naomi...in the first portion of Ruth changed to Mara which meant she was a bitter lady...no longer pleasant, she seemed to be angry in her situation and it had changed her mentality.   As a believer, a child of God, an Israelite, she seemed to be focusing in on the punishment of God and less on what God was still doing in her life.   But then I heard from Barb and others as they read the same portion of scripture and truthfully interpreted her despondency in real terms...We ask the question, ladies if this was you, would you be called Naomi, pleasant, or Mara, bitter?  I understand the issue.  She followed her husband, she left all, she lost all, if the sin was because Elimelech had ran from the chastisement of God and in fact ran into the arms of pagan worship, it really wasn't Naomi's fault.   Well you see the ways of interpretation.  The rest of this story when taken into context becomes much more pleasing, or Naomi, pleasant like.

I expect that the very ones who had justified feelings towards Naomi's bitterness last week may have a shift in their thoughts towards her today.  But now let me say this, according to Ryrie, Wiersbe and other theologians, Naomi was 100% correct in the instructions she gave Ruth. 

According to Ryrie...and I paraphrase...Ruth's action was in accord with the law concerning to the Kinsman Redeemer.  The law required the initiative of the widow, Ruth, in seeking the marriage. Ruth was indicating that night her desire to have Boaz, who had given every evidence of willingness to perform the duties of kinsman-redeemer.  These duties included; 1. Redeeming family property that had changed ownership. 2. Marrying a childless widow to raise up children in her dead husband's name...when there was no brother to raise up children in the name of the deceased, the responsibility was extended to the next of kin. 

So let's apply this to us today...that is what I desire always in our devotions...the teachings of the Old Testatment are always in accord with the New Testament...fulfilled in Jesus.

1.  Our Redeemer is always willing to redeem us.  (I will redeem you as the Lord lives...Ruth 3:13)
2,  We are to approach our redeemer seriously and responsibly.   (Wash yourself, [prepare for the close relationship], Anoint yourself, [give yourself to your redeemer], Put on your best, [respect the presence of the Redeemer with your best and your all]...Ruth 3:3
3.  We are to show our willingness to accept our redeemer.  [make your place in your Redeemer's presence]...Ruth 3:4

So Brother and Sister in the Lord...We have a Redeemer...a Redeemer who is willing to redeem...a Redeemer who is waiting on you to make your place with Him.

In Jesus' Care, Always,
Bro. Bob


















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