FBC Pleasant Grove
Tuesday, June 30, 2015
a place to grow

Sunday School Classes

Senior Adult 1 (60's up)
Director: Chuck Green
Teachers: Eloise Morgan - Prayer Room
Betty Crumpton - Bride's Room
Senior Adult 2 (70's up) - Room B5
Director: Reggie Lamons
Teachers: Jan Johnson,  Nan Carroll
Senior Adult 3 (65 up) - Room B4
Director: Mildred Hyden
Teachers: Evelyn Wilson, Bruce Childers
Senior Adult 4 (60's up) - Music Suite
Directors: Polly Harris, Ken Holdbrooks
Teachers: Betty Blackwell, David Johnson
Median Adult 1 (50's up) - Room C6
Director: Pat Goggins
Teachers: Ronn Patterson, Keith Goggins
Median Adult 2 (50's up) - Conference Room
Director: Jack Bankston
Teacher: Steve Gilbert
Median Adult 3 (30's up) - Children's Building
Director: Lori Simpson
Teachers: Ken Hatfield, Wayne Daniels
Young Married Adult 1 (mid 30's up) - CFLC 2nd Floor
Director: Skeeter Bullion
Teacher: Jeff Blackwell
Young Married Adult 2 (mid 20's up) - Room C4
Director: Donna Wilson
Teacher: Russell Wilson
Young Married Adult 3 "Nearly and Newly" - Room C2
Teachers: Mat and Marilyn Speakman
Ungraded Adult 1 (Ladies) - CFLC 2nd Floor
Teacher: Kaye Turner
Ungraded Adult 2 - Room C5
Director: Pat Boggs
Teacher: Ken Park
Ungraded Adult 3 - Chapel
Director: Ron Euler
Teacher: Robert Shepherd
Ungraded Adult 4  - Craig Henderson Building
Directors: Vicki Chaney, Laurie Roberts
Teachers: Shane Roberts, Ken Shivers (Men's class)
Ungraded Adult 5 - Fellowship Hall
Directors: Bart and Mary Jo Funderburg
Teacher: Art Coggins
Ungraded Adult 6  - Children's Building
Director: Randall Gowdy
Teacher: Bobby Patrick
Single Adults - Room C1 "The Gathering Place"
Directors: Marty Parker, Beverly Rizzo
Teachers: Bob and Barbara Pruett
College & Young Adults - Room C3
Director: Jason Odom
Teachers: Jason Odom, Nathan and Jessica Daniels
Homebound Ministry
Directors: Sue Vice, June Sorrell
12th Grade
Teachers: Marty Higgins, Jami Smith, Emily Bullion
11th Grade
Teachers: Jeff Hunt, Sandy McPhaul
10th Grade
Teachers: Mike and Vickie Wood, Ginger Hunt
Asst. Teacher: Mark Hyde
9th Grade
Teachers: Juliann Haley, Stuart Scott
8th Grade
Teachers: Karen Bullion, Kelley White, Bengie Hawkins
7th Grade
Teachers: Brenda Stanley, Rita Otwell, James Reedy
6th Grade
Teachers: Cheryl Caldwell, Jeff Simpson, Pam Travis
5th Grade
Director: Karen Dodd
Teachers: Charles Dodd
4th Grade
Director: Lisa Crane
Teachers: Charlie Crane, Billy Long
3rd Grade
Teachers: Lisa Stewart, Haley Stewart
2nd Grade
Director: Sharon Phillips
Teachers: Sandra Franklin, Judy Walton, Robert Miller, Pat Patterson
1st Grade
Director: Sandy Casey
Teacher: Terry Casey
Preschool 4 & 5
Janice Shivers, Lisa Gober
Preschool 3
Teachers: Ken and Michele Deason
Toddlers 1 & 2
Director: Bonnie Waters
Teacher: Christie Gipson
Creepers & Babies
Director: Melissa Colvert
Teacher: Leslie Hill