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Sunday, March 26, 2017
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FBC Pleasant Grove
Children's Ministry Positions
The Children's Ministry is looking for church members to fill two needs in the KidZone ministry:
KidZone Worship Leader
The worship leader must love working with children. This person may choose to lead children in singing along with pre-recorded music or may lead children with personal accompanist (guitar or keyboard.)  This person should work with the 5th graders on a weekly basis to design motions for the songs and prepare them as worship leaders.  This person should prepare the worship set on the computer including music and videos.  This is a paid position of 5 hours per week.  

Children's Intern
The Children's Intern must love working with children and should work closely with the Children's Pastor to plan KidZone Worship and Wednesday night activities for the children.  This person will be responsible for having the stage ready for each activity and returning items used when finished.  This person could serve as a co-host for KidZone Worship and Wednesday Activities if he or she chooses.  This is a paid position of 5 hours per week.

Anyone interested should contact Bro. Dan at 790-3768(c).